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Donate to Social Coach Leadership Programme

The Social Coach Leadership Programme (SCLP) Academy provides an online learning area to support the training of:


  • Social Coach Activators (Level 1 to 2)

  • Social Coaches (Level 3)

  • Social Brokers (Level 4 to 5)

  • Social Professionals (Level 6 to 8)

Who will deliver the Youth Charters: 


  • #NationalCall2Action

  • #GlobalCall2Action

Our initial objective is to train 50,000 Social Coaches Globally, but we are aiming to surpass this, as build a network social coaches and leaders who can Engage, Equip and Empower young people and their communities to Active Global Citizens.

The Youth Charter would like to make the SCLP Academy Open to everyone from all backgrounds, but particularly for those living and working in disadvantaged communities that face socio-economic barriers. In order to do this, we ask those that can afford to pay for the training to do so, and we are raising funding to provide bursaries for those who cannot afford to pay. We welcome donations to support the rollout of Social Coach Leadership Programme, if you would like to donate please to do so below:

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