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Mandela Mile Leadership Programme 2021 - Step up, speak out and rebuild our world!


MMLP is a leadership journey, building community, globally.

In 2020, Mandela Mile took the bold decision to launch a Mandela Mile Leadership Program (MMLP) as an online journey for 36 emerging leaders from across 21 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America supported by a community of world class coaches, buddies and speakers. MMLP has been designed to support young leaders wishing to accelerate the launch of a community initiative in support of one of the United Nations Social Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Whilst Covid-19 is still unfortunately taking its toll in most countries around the world from a health and economic perspective, the MMLP is a journey of hope during these unprecedented times as we face even greater need to come together as humanity. This year we will be targeting 40-50 emerging leaders from communities that need focus around the world.

Visit the MMLP section of the Mandela Mile website

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