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The Youth Charter 2017 Legacy Manifesto reflects the pledges of the five major political parties contesting the 2017 election. These ‘Manifesto Calls to Action’ are underpinned by Collaboration and Partnership, and Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Participation. The Youth Charter has further reviewed the Manifesto Calls to Action of the Sport and Recreation Alliance and ukactive to produce the Youth Charter 2017 Legacy Manifesto. The Youth Charter 2016 Games Legacy Impact Reportwas launched at Palace of Westminster in April 2016 with a #legacyopportunityforall Call to Action for:


  • 10 Core Cities
  • 10 Community Campuses
  • 10,000 Social Coaches
  • 1million Children and Young People
  • £11million investment


As part of the #legacyopportunityforall Call to Action the Youth Charter also proposed:

  1. Sports Industry Apprenticeship Levy (based on UK Government Apprenticeship Levy)
  2. 30% TV Rights Levy for Grassroots Sport (based on 2010 Sport & Recration Alliance - formerly CCPR - ‘Voluntary Code of Conduct for Rights Owners’ signed by major National Governing Bodies of Sport including the Premier League)

YC 2017 Legacy Manifesto (2017)

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