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A Youth Charter Global Message...


The UN Sport for Development and Peace Day is now a permanent fixture on the annual global calendar marking the now established movement that sees sport provide social and human hope and opportunity in the cultural, economic and even political improvement in the lives of young people and communities.

At a time where the world sees a climate of uncertainty and with social distancing seeing sport in its broadest understanding in language and cultural significance provide even more than at any other time, the need for individual and collective creativity and innovation in the daily fundamental right and benefits in the mental, physical, health, well-being and safeguarding that that sport and physical activity can bring.

Across continents, regions, cities and communities, lives are adapting to an on-going pandemic with the vaccines providing respite in the isolation that has been experienced over the past year. Depending on your social and economic situation, the daily ritual of sporting pastimes has all but become a distant memory.

However, with global sporting events attempting to restore the all-important need for competition and the pursuit of excellence, Tokyo 2021 will have even more significance than at any other time in recent years. Not with boycotts, but with symbols of social justice and the ability of the five rings to bring together a world that has become far too distant in its ability to unify under one common purpose.

At no time will ‘faster, higher and stronger’ have a greater importance than seeing the world’s sportsmen and women compete at a Games that will provide much inspiration in the indomitable human spirit.

The Sport for Development and Peace movement is an on-going effort in providing a truly unified approach that sees the global benchmarks of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals support models and cultural frameworks that can truly impact and evidence the difference that sport can bring in the post Covid and Equality and Diversity injustices that we continue to experience. A day to reflect, review and recommit a full collaborative, impactful and sustainable way forward. One World, One Unified Approach, One Collective Aim…

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