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Since 1993, the Youth Charter message has been inspired through sporting, artistic and cultural ambassadors who have signed the Youth Charter Scroll in support of our work.

Youth Charter Ambassador - Marcus Adam Team GB Olympian

Marcus Adam

Youth Charter Ambassador - Niel Adams MBE Team GB Olympian

Niel Adams MBE

Youth Charter Ambassador - Ben Ainslie Team GB Olympian

Sir Ben Ainslie CBE

Youth Charter Ambassador - Kriss Akabusi MBE Team GB Olympian

Kris Akabusi CBE

Youth Charter Ambassador - Claire Allen Team GB Olympian and England Rugby

Claire Allan

Youth Charter Ambassador - Rob Andrew MBE England Rugby

Rob Andrew MBE

Youth Charter Ambassador - Lord Jeffrey Archer Writer and Politician

Lord Jeffrey Archer

Youth Charter Scroll

Sport, Art, Culture & Digital Technology...

Social and  Human Development for Life...

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Marcus Adam

Neil Adams MBE

Sir Ben Ainslie CBE

Kriss Akabusi MBE

Carlos Alberto Torres*

Claire Allan

Rob Andrew MBE

Lord Jeffrey Archer

Ossie Ardiles

Mike Atherton OBE

Chris Baileu MBE

Jeremy Bates

Jamie Baulch

Bill Beaumont CBE

Jack Beaumont

Franz Beckenbauer*

David Beckham OBE

Paul Bennett MBE

Louise Bloor

Chris Boardman MBE

Lorna Boothe MBE

Toby Box

Julia Bracewell OBE

Abbie Brown

Daniel Brown MBE

Nicky Butt

Kevin Cadle*

Darren Campbell MBE

Pat Cash

Ben Challenger

Sir Bobby Charlton CBE*

Linford Christie OBE

Gill Clarke MBE*

Joe Clarke MBE

David Coleman OBE*

Gary Connolly

Kirstina Cook

Sir Henry Cooper MBE*

Antony Cotterill

Lord Cowdrey*

Kadeena Cox MBE

John Crawley

Mark Croasdale

Vanessa Daobry

David Davies OBE

Sharron Davies MBE

Anita L. DeFrantz

Rob Denmark

Lisa Dermott

Emily Diamond

Anne Dickins MBE

Karen Dixon

Sandra Douglas

Tony Dobbin

Tony Doyle MBE

Des Drummond*

Adam Duggleby MBE

Paula Dunn MBE

Richard Dunwoody MBE

Scott Durant MBE

Tracy Edwards MBE

Farokh Engineer

Mike England MBE

Chris Eubank

Nicola Fairbrother

Sir Nick Faldo MBE

John Fashnu

Sir Alex Ferguson CBE

Will Fletcher

Richard Fox MBE

Janice Francis

Ryan Giggs OBE

Eugene Gilkes

Phil de Glanville

Helen Glover MBE

Ducan Goodhew MBE

Dame Katherine Grainger DBE

Jodie Grinham

Angus Groom

Sally Gunnell OBE DL

Dame Mary Glen Haig DBE*

Jane Hall

Susan Hampshire OBE

Gary Hardings

Eddie Hemmings

Tim Henman CBE

Philip Hindes MBE

Baroness Kate Hoey

Dame Kelly Holmes DBE*

Frances Houghton

Robert Howely

Norman Hunter*

Paul Ince

Stewart Innes

Colin Jackson CBE

Simon Jackson MBE

David Johnson

Michael Johnson

Jade Jones MBE

Jasmine Joyce

Mary King MBE

Jürgen Klinsman

Sir Robin Knox Johnston CBE RD and bar

Sir Eddie Kulukundis OBE*

Sonia Lawrence

Jason Lee

Rob Lee

Zoe Lee

Denis Lewis OBE

Lennox Lewis CM, OBE

Sir Clive Lloyd CBE

Lisa Lomas

Helen Lonsdale

Devon Malcolm

Gary Mason*

Kelly Massey

Ally McCoist MBE

Mark McCoy

John McEnroe

Mike McFarlane OBE*

Barry McGuigan MBE

Katy Mclean MBE

Steve McMahon

Mick McManus*

Diane Modahl MBE

Adrian Moorhouse MBE

Nathan Morgan

Dewi Morris

Lutalo Muhammad

Fiona Murtagh

Tania Nadarajah

Prince Naseem

Gary Neville

Phil Neville

Martin Offiah MBE

Wayne Otto OBE

John Parrot MBE

Alan Pascoe MBE

Lenny Paul

Stuart Pearce MBE

Dame Mary Peters CH, DBE

Terry Phelan

Asha Philip

Liam Phillips

Dave Phillips

Dave Phillipson

Karen Pickering MBE

Sir Matthew Pinsent CBE

Nicky Piper MBE

Michel Platini

Paul Reaney

Sir Steven Redgrave CBE

Derek Redmond

Annika Reeder

Sir Craig Reedie CBE

Cyrille Regis MBE*

Peter Reid

Sir Dave Richards

Ellie Robinson MBE

Mark Rowland

Joanna Rowsell-Shand MBE

Louis Saha

Tessa Sanderson CBE

Jazmin Sawyers

Emily Scott

Greg Searle MBE

Jon Searle MBE

Teddy Sheringham MBE

Ellie Simmonds OBE

Judy Simpson OBE

Lynn Simpson

Jane Sixsmith MBE

Nick Skelton OBE

Callum Skinner

Phyllis Smith

Sarah Springman CBE FREng

Ian Stark OBE

Ray Stevens

Athole Still

Dame Sarah Storey DBE

Mike Summerbee

Polly Swann

Iwan Thomas MBE

Neil Thomas MBE

Baroness Tani Grey-Thompson


Victoria Thornley

Dennis Tueart

Terry Venables*

Bianca Walkden

Daniel Wallace

Danielle Waterman

Maurice Watkins CBE*

Lee Westwood OBE

Fatima Whitbread MBE

Richard Whitehead MBE

Laurence Whiteley MBE

Max Whitlock MBE

David Wilkie MBE

James Williams

Melanie Wilson

Amy Wilson-Hardy

Paul Zetter CBE*



Dutch Soccer Squad

England Rugby Squad

England Soccer Squad


Ghanaian Under 17 Soccer


South African Soccer Squad

South African Rugby Squad

Lancashire County Cricket Club

Manchester City Football Club

Manchester United Football



Ambassador’s honours correct

at date of publishing.


Other international signatories

available on request




“Sport is an order of chivalry, a code of ethics and aesthetics, recruiting its members from all classes and all peoples. Sport is a truce, in an era of antagonisms and conflicts, it is the respite of the Gods in which fair competition ends in respect and friendship (Olympism). Sport is education, the truest form of education, that of character. Sport is culture because it enhances life and, most importantly, does so for those who usually have the least opportunity to feast on it.”

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