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Mission, Vision & Objectives

Mission Statement


To provide sport, art, cultural and digital activity to develop the mental, physical and emotional resilience and life-skills of young people and in particular the disadvantaged and disaffected in communities where anti-social, gang-related activity and extremism is experienced.


  • Engage young people through sport, art, culture and digital activity

  • Equip them with mental, physical and emotional life-skills and resilience

  • Empower them with the aspiration of further and higher education, employment and entrepreneurship



  • To Engage, Equip and Empower 21st Century Global Citizens for Life…



  • To invest in the potential of our 21st Century Global Citizens...



  • To work within communities to create opportunities for young people (in particular those who are disadvantaged and disaffected), to encourage personal development through sport, art, culture and digital activity, regardless of colour creed or ability.

  • To encourage business on a local, national and international level to invest in young people through the provision and support of programme and project opportunities in their communities.

  • To involve sports and arts personalities to act as inspirational ambassadors for young people.

  • To encourage a positive commitment to school attainment, behaviour and performance, identifying the benefits of sporting, artistic, cultural and digital activity and opportunities of continued education.

  • To encourage from an early age the mental, physical and emotional well-being benefits of a continued physically active and healthy lifestyle.

  • To engage, equip and empower young people to develop further or higher education, vocation training, employment and entrepreneurship to achieve their full potential for themselves, their communities and society as a whole.



  • Positive happiness and fulfilment through active human and social engagement

  • Positive mental and physical fitness for all

  • Commitment to excellence and collaboration for all young people and communities

  • Dignity, honesty, integrity and respect of self in all that we do

Legacy Development Goals

  1. EDUCATION - attendance, attainment and performance

  2. HEALTH - physical activity, wellbeing and active lifestyle

  3. CITIZENSHIP - civic rights, responsibilities and youth justice

  4. ENVIRONMENT - community cohesion, quality of life and access to facilities

  5. FURTHER & HIGHER EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT & ENTREPRENEURSHIP - skills training, internships and apprenticeship

Our Philosophy


“Sport is an order of chivalry, a code of ethics and aesthetics, recruiting its members from all classes and all peoples. Sport is a truce, in an era of antagonisms and conflicts, it is the respite of the Gods in which fair competition ends in respect and friendship (Olympism). Sport is education, the truest form of education, that of character. Sport is culture because it enhances life and, most importantly, does so for those who usually have the least opportunity to feast on it.”

Rene Maheu

Former Director of UNESCO

Our Inspiration


“Vision without action is a dream.

Action without vision is merely passing time.

Vision with action can change the world...”

Nelson Mandela

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