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It is absolutely critical that the education system equips, empowers and enables young people with the life skills to understand, appreciate and be aware of the cultural diversity and lifestyle behaviours of their fellow peers and the wider community. With cultural awareness, this enables a greater understanding, appreciation and tolerance of the political challenges of delivering policies and resources that impact on their everyday lives. With a political understanding of the democratic rights and their citizenship, rights and responsibilities, they are educationally equipped to realize their vocation, training, employment and enterprise potential. With a holistic, cohesive and integrated curriculum that develops a well rounded young person with life skills and life potential they are

better equipped in their ability to personally manage and above all appreciate the value of money and its currency in developing a hard work, dedication, discipline and desire to achieve social, cultural and economic status and respect.


Please see link to the Youth Select Committee report - A Curriculum for Life (2013).

YC Curriculum for Life submission to Youth Select Committee (2013)

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