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Introduction: Prof. Geoff Thompson MBE FRSA DL QP JM


The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games provided a successful and memorable impact of social, cultural and economic opportunity that now sees a #LegacyOpportunity4All more possible than for any previous games.


The city and the West Midlands as a whole have now seen projects, programmes and initiatives that deliver the Birmingham 2022 legacy pillars reflect the economic opportunity possible with £100m surplus that now aims to deliver the three themes of:


  • Bolster the economy, trade and tourism
  • Tackle inequalities in the more deprived communities
  • Improve environmental sustainability and people’s wellbeing


This potential to provide hope and opportunity to the young people and communities of the region has never been more achievable especially for those from disadvantaged and disaffected communities.


As the Youth Charter celebrates its 30th Anniversary year, with Community Campuses and Social Coach Leadership Programmes provide the all-important potential to collaborate and coordinate a more holistic, integrated, and sustainable approach that will engage young people through sport, culture, artistic and digital activities, equip them with the mental, physical and emotional health, well-being and resilience and empower them with the aspiration of further and higher education and employment.


As a result of the Games, the West Midlands has been heralded as an inspiration of a golden decade for the region. This can reflect diversity and inclusive impact that can be realised if the partnership and collaboration that delivered these games is equally afforded with the same effort, commitment and energy thereby providing young people and communities with hope and opportunity for the future.

Executive Summary - Youth Charter Birmingham 2022 West Midlands Report

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