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The Youth Charter’s contribution to the WHO Sport and Physical activity webinar series reflected the agency’s ongoing global development and campaign of a #legacyopportunity4all in the areas of mental, physical and emotional health, wellbeing and safeguarding of young citizens on all five continents and in particular, those of social, cultural and economic disaffection and disadvantage. Following the COVID pandemic and the George Floyd Black Lives Matter movement, this webinar series was uniquely placed to provide a youth leadership voice in the continued equality, diversity and inclusion sector supporting the fundamental human rights right to be ‘interactively active’ and ‘actively interactive’.

The purpose of the Webinar was to provide global young leaders of diverse identity, skills, competencies, talent and potential from sport, culture, art and digital sectors to contribute to the seven series webinar, discussing, debating and recommending future policy that would see sport for development aim to re-set the current movement, sector and industry.

Four specific themes were identified from the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) webinar on 6 April 2021 held to mark the 2021 IDSDP. These four themes form the thematic structure of panel presentations, interventions, Q&A and discussions in each webinar.

WHO YC Webinar Report (2021)