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The Government drive for an increase in physical activity follows worrying trends in childhood obesity, educational non-attainment and anti social behaviour. Game Plan identified that a lack of physical activity cost the UK in excess of £2 billion each year; a 10% increase in physical exercise would reduce this liability by £500 million. Sport, as ever, has an important part to play in demonstrating strong ethics and equity.


Initiatives such as the British Asian Rugby Association (playing both Union and League) campaign to help combat racism, build bridges between Asian communities and provide role models for young people. True success will come when all teams including the national team truly represent their communities.


The aim of this report is to outline the contribution to the social inclusion agenda made by the Rugby Football Union (RFU), supported by the Youth Charter. Reflecting on the last 12 years, this report will examine the benefits of the collaboration and identify how this partnership can sustain the investment to date and continue to present rugby as the leading social sport for change in the UK.

YC '12' Rugbywise Report (2006)