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This evaluation describes the Youth Charter’s contribution to the Positive Futures’ Training Programme. The aim of the project was to develop a bespoke programme based on the YCSCA Youthwise© programme but incorporating SkillsActive Competencies.


The delivery of the programme was to be at 9 venues (one in each of the regions) where up to 30 social coaches will be trained. This will deliver a maximum of 270 social coaches for the entire programme.


The Youth Charter developed a bespoke programme based on Youthwise© and this was delivered as agreed. In parallel, it was revealed that Chartstage had developed an alternate programme, which the Youth Charter were invited to deliver. The delivery team considered the Chartstage material to be inappropriate for the intended audience and declined the invitation to deliver the first stage of the programme. An offer was made to Positive Futures to revisit the materials for stages 2 and 3 but as Positive Futures have failed to reconnect it has been decided that the project should be halted.


The project was managed using the processes defined in the Operations Management and whilst being effective the reflection coupled with the Learning, Issue and Risk Logs identified an number of improvement opportunities.


The project concluded by recommending the introduction of stage gates at the end of each of the five stages of: Project start-up; Project planning; Product Development; Product Delivery; and, Project Closure. The sharing and agreement of a project plan would be covered in the introduction of the stage gates. Projects should only continue where the integrity of the Youth Charter is not challenged. Acceptance criteria should be agreed by the customer/funder at the earliest stage of the project.

YC SCLP Positive Futures Report

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