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Samuel Otigba

Brand Consultant

I came in contact with Mr Geoff Thompson, the Founder and Chair of the Youth Charter on May 11th 2016 when I received ‘The most enterprising student of the year’ award from Salford university and he encouraged me to be a Social Coach at the Youth Charter with the possibilities of developing my talents further, (mentally and spiritually) by contributing to the society positively, through my gifts.

At this time, I was at a personal dilemma in my life’s journey and I was at a point where I almost gave up on my dreams. A very difficult period of my life as I was away from home and family. My closest support systems in the UK had recently just passed away and I felt extremely lost.

I met again with him on the 15th of May and told him of my struggles and the first thing he said to me was “All is well” and that phrase has been my guiding light at the end of the tunnel till now. That’s how my journey as a social coach and being part of the YC Advisory board started. It’s been one of my best decisions ever.

I received both spiritual, mental and financial support from the Youth Charter. Without divulging into specific details, the Youth Charter has been a beacon of hope to me and so many gifted young people out there. I doubt I would have made it this far without passing through the mentorship, guidance and support from the Youth Charter.

Mr Geoff Thompson would always say “If you build the mind, if you strengthen the body, your spirit will take you far”. Adhering to those encourage words have done well for me.

With all the experiences I gained from the Youth Charter, I became more equipped mentally to be of great benefit to myself and my community and I have since then received several awards and accomplishments such as Forbes under 30 nominee 2018, The Ynaija power list: the most powerful young people in corporate Nigeria 2020 and most recently, The Royal African Young Leadership Forum Awards 2022.

I believe the Youth Charter plays a critical role in developing young people spiritually, physically and mentally through sports and harnessing their creative abilities, especially in this digital age where social tools have amplified the negativity in the society more rather than the positives.

The Youth Charter is strategically positioned to fulfil this mandate as they have been doing for 30 years. They have the blueprint, the tools and the heart for social impact and wellness for young people & the disadvantaged, globally. They have shown it can be done if our priorities & focus are right. What they need now is the support of both private and public entities in driving this dream to all part of the world. Not just in words, but in actions.

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